Roche Hitachi 917 Clinical Analytical Instruments

Roche Hitachi 917 Clinical Analytical Instruments
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Sale Used Roche Hitachi 917 Clinical Analytical Instruments

Roche Hitachi 917 is a fully automated, discrete, computerized immunoassay system that allows for flexible and efficient operation 24 hours a day.

Roche Diagnostics’ Hitachi 917 is the best choice for conducting quantitative and qualitative in vitro analysis of a wide range of chemical substances in blood and other body fluids. Mainly, the analyzer consists of an analytical unit and the control unit. While the control unit includes CPU, keyboard, monitor, and printer, the analytical unit is with ISE and photometric measuring systems.    


  • Sample bar code capability
  • Optional sample rack transport and reagent bar code capability
  • Automated rerun
  • Automatic calibration notification
  • Automatic sample blanking
  • Automatic dilution
  • Recertified with 90 day parts warranty
  • Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available

The control unit Included:

  • computer CPU
  • color touchscreen monitor
  • keyboard
  • printer

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