HP Agilent 1100 Series HPLC System

HP Agilent 1100 Series HPLC System
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Sale used HP Agilent 1100 Series HPLC System with G1321A FLD and G1311A Quat Pump

HPLC HP / Agilent 1100 system is controlled either by the control module G1323A / B pocket or a computer running ChemStation. Based on the 1050 HPLC system, the HP 1100 / Agilent system provides a simple stack configuration that takes up minimal space. In addition to its small size, the HP / Agilent 1100 printer has a huge selection of available components, including mulitple sensors, pumps and automatic samplers, which gives it the ability to tackle a variety of jobs.
You can add spectral acquisition to your HPLC analyzes with the 1100 Series diode array detector Agilent. Check the quality of separation peak purity, multiple signals and spectral libraries - interactively or automatically in the same series as your analytical quantification. Range extended wavelength from 190 to 950 nm with higher sensitivity or spectral resolution with programmable slot. And verification of the wavelength of the holmium oxide GLP compliance. The management system of the base temperature ensures optimum stability even in rough conditions.
This system includes:
  • Quat Pump G1311A
  • G1321A FLD
  • G1313A autosampler
  • G1316A COLCOM
  • 1379A degasser and solvent tank
  • Computer pre-loaded with the ChemStation software
  • All necessary cables
The system can be configured with the following components:
Control Module G1323A "Gameboy"
Control Module G1323B "Gameboy"
G1313A autosampler
G1329A autosampler
Computer G1316A Column
G1322A degasser
G1310A isocratic pump
Quaternary Pump G1311A
Binary Pump G1312A
Detector G1314A variable wavelength
G1315A diode array detector
G1315B diode array detector
G1321A Fluorescence Detector
Detector G1362A refractive index
G1330A ALS Therm
G1330B ALS Therm
G1364A Fraction Collector
Cap Pump G1376A
G1379A degasser
G1365A MWD
G1365B MWD

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