Agilent VK7020 V-Series Dissolution Tester

Agilent VK7020 V-Series Dissolution Tester
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Sale new Agilent/Varian/Vankel VK7020 V-Series Dissolution Tester with VK8000 Sampling system

VK 7020S  Dissolution System comes COMPLETE along with  Vessels, Waters bath, paddles and shafts,  heater recirculator and so on.
Some of the information collected,
- The options available on the V-Series line strengthen and improve the testing process bio-availability, automation of several steps in the process, making it more convenient and easier to use tests without sacrificing measurement critical results.
- Dissolution tests using the VK 7020 determines the rate at which the active ingredients in a dosage form become bio-available, a key test in the quality control laboratories and stability to control the consistency of the manufacturing process.
- Radical new shape allows full visibility, which improves the scope and validity of the test, without compromising valuable space and expensive bench. The user can note unusual events, including dissolved gases covering the surface and floating dosage form
- Alignment system TruCenter ship patent pending () removes the setup procedure and control center of a ship, which is essential in capturing accurate results
- Can easily be programmed to meet the requirements of sampling time as the user to automate various methods.
- Power control independent of each sampling cannula can either individual sampling probes to be lowered when the sample sequentially or all of the probes in the sample removed simultaneously
- Measure and record the temperature in each container at scheduled times AutoTemp, ensuring that the temperature does not vary during the test period
- Electric Clutch allows each pin to start shooting at a scheduled time, which allows you to start automated tracks in the USP requirements for abandonment of the tablet in unstirred media
- Determination Dropping Capability automatically drop a tablet in a container, simultaneously or successively, allowing much greater accuracy than the person dropping a tablet manually
  • VK7020 Dissolution Tester
  • VK8000 smuggler
  • peristaltic pump
  • six ships / wells
  • Heating / circulator

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