Abaxis Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer

Abaxis Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer
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The Piccolo xpress is a clinical chemistry system developed for convenient and compact on-site testing of patients. In size, it is almost like a shoebox. The touch screen commands easily understood color allow health care providers to perform multiple daily chemistry. 0.1 ml of plasma, serum or whole blood was added directly to the diameter, proprietary, single-use plastic disc 8 cm containing dry reagent and the liquid diluent. The disc is placed in the analyzer drawer. It is in this drawer and centrifugal capillary forces are used to mix the sample and reagents in the disc.
Piccolo xpress verifies the reactions of reagents simultaneously using nine wavelengths, computes the results of absorbance information and reveals the results. Clinical chemistry system self-calibrates with each run. He continues, aboard iQCT (Intelligent Quality Control) examines the analyzer, sample and reagent reactions, to ensure the integrity and chemistry instrument.
This ensures that the user of high accuracy, quality results. In about 12 minutes, the result is ready, together with a report (paper) appropriate for the patient's file. The result can also be downloaded to a printer, LIS / EMR, or computer. Thus can quickly obtain vital diagnostic information at the point of care. No special preparation is needed to operate this maintenance, easy operation system low.
  • Piccolo Xpress Analyzer
  • Power Cord w/ Adapter
  • Abaxis Piccolo Xpress Waived Compliance Binder
  • Drivers CD
  • Operators Manual CD
  • Package Inserts CD
  • Training DVD
  • USB Cable
  • Extra Replacement Filter

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