Bird SA-2000 Site Analyzer

Bird SA-2000 Site Analyzer
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Sale Used Bird SA-2000 Site Analyzer SA-2000,806-2000Mhz

The Bird Site Analyzer is a multifunction test instrument for use in installation and maintenance of wireless systems. Antenna systems are tested by using a Site Analyzer to measure match conditions. Data is graphed at 238 points across a user-specified frequency band or distance range. Transmitter systems are tested by using a Site Analyzer and a Bird power sensor to measure RF power. Data is displayed as power or match efficiency, depending on the sensor.


  • Easy operation for first-time, occasional or experienced users
  • Digital Power meter option compatible with Bird power sensors
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Immunity to on-channel interference (+13 dBm) for testing at co-located antenna sites
  • High-resolution color display
  • Fast sweep rate
  • On-screen comparison of live sweep and recalled trace
  • Unlimited trace overlays per report to compare antennas and track performance over time
  • Display forward and reflected power as well as VSWR and return loss.
  • Compatible with Model 5010 Digital Power Sensor and DPM Elements
  • Locate long range problems with 238 display points
  • Pinpoint small problems with 60 dB dynamic range
  • High resolution marker reports VSWR with the precision of expensive laboratory equipment
  • Perform cable insertion loss measurements

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