Agilent/HP 54832D Infiniium Oscilloscope

Agilent/HP 54832D Infiniium Oscilloscope
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Sale Used Agilent/HP 54832D Infiniium 1 GHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope

The Agilent 54832D 4+16-Channel 1 GHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (MSO), with 4 scope channels and 16 timing channels, uniquely combines the detailed signal analysis of a scope with the multi-channel timing measurements and triggering of a logic analyzer. Digital and analog events are aligned in time so you can easily relate cause and effect in difficult mixed-signal, digital and analog troubleshooting situations. The 54832D also incorporates Agilent's innovative MegaZoom technology, now available up to an unprecedented 128 Mpts, that provides instant response and fast waveform update rates, even with the deepest memory being acquired. Mixed-signal triggering provides a complete set of triggering features across all 16 timing channels and 4 scope channels.

Features :

  • Integrated 4 scope and 16 timing channels
  • 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Up to 4 GSa/s sample rate
  • Standard 4 Mpts memory
  • Up to 128 Mpts optional memory
  • Simple, analog-like front panel with Windows GUI
  • Web-enable remote control and email on trigger
  • Seamless Integration of Analog and Digital Channels

The Agilent 548302 Series Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes uniquely combine the detailed signal analysis of a high-performance scope with the 16-channel timing measurements of a logic analyzer, plus the benefits of fast, usable, and affordable MegaZoom deep memory. On one display you can have both the analog circuit characteristics displayed on the 2 or 4 scope channels and the digital signals displayed on the 16 logic timing channels. Digital and analog events are aligned in time so you can easily relate cause and effect in difficult mixed-signal troubleshooting situations. The analog and digital channels are seamlessly integrated giving you familiar scope-like controls of both the analog and digital timing channels. And there is no compromise on the scope side — you just can treat all 18 or 20 channels the same.

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