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OTC Genisys EVO 5.0 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

OTC Genisys EVO 5.0 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner
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Sale New OTC Genisys EVO 5.0 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner System

OTC Tools & Equipment
Genisys EVO USA 2010 Kit with Domestic and ABS/Air Bag Cables
part #: OTC-3871

Includes the NEW Genisys EVO featuring the NEW System 5.0 with Code-Assist experienced-based Confirmed Fixes from Idenifix, new USA 2010 Domestic / Asian / European with ABS software including Pathfinder, Repair-Trac, Fast fixes information, InfoTech Component Information software, Automated System Test™, OBD II Smart Cable, manuals, adapters &
Hard Carrying case included

IMPORTANT NOTE: OEM cables may be required for certain vehicle system functions. Additional OEM cables are available individually or in convenient kits - Asian OEM Cable Kit 3421-94 and European OEM Cable Kit 3421-75

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