Fitel S182A High Strength Fusion Splicer

Fitel S182A High Strength Fusion Splicer
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Sale New Fitel S182A High Strength Fusion Splicer

The S182A is designed for splicing fiber of the same mode field diameter. The unit's optimized design - with function keys and LCD monitor located behind the splicing area - provides you with uncluttered, efficient access to the splicing area for maximum productivity. The attenuation function can also be automated.

The S182A does not touch the bare portion of the fiber, can accommodate 3- to 5-mm cleave lengths and, when used with FITEL's High Strength Splicing Kits, provides a high-strength splice with an average tensile strength of 20N. The unit can also be used for non-high strength applications.

Splicing Method: Profile Alignment System (PAS), core alignment
Applicable Fibers: SM, MM, DS, EDF (similar fiber pairs)
Average Loss: SM: 0.03dB, MM: 0.02dB, DS: 0.05dB
Splice Time: 20s (typical for SM; splice time varies depending on fiber type)
Coating Diameter/Cleave Length:
          o 250/400um coating = 3-5mm cleave length (for high strength)
          o 900um coating = 16mm or 11mm cleave lengths (not high strength)
Attenuation: Up to 20dB
Splice Programs: 26 pre-programmed, 6 customizable slots
Tensile Strength: Average of 300kpsi in a Fitel laboratory
Splice Memory: 400 splices
Protection: 90s
Heater Programs: 4 pre-programmed (for 20, 25, 40, 60mm sleeves) 4 customizable slots
Monitor: 5" color, 264X magnification
Tension Test: 200 g

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