Geoslam ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner

Geoslam ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner
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Brand New Geoslam ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner

Features ;

  • Internal measured building surveys
  • Stockpile volume surveys on indoor industrial sites
  • Forestry inventory measurement
  • Underground mine surveys
The ZEB1 3D laser scanner is handheld and truely mobile. Using the revolutionary SLAM algorithm, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping, and an inbuilt inertial motion unit (IMU), the ZEB1 can map large and complex areas quickly simply by walking through the area of interest.
Training is minimal and involves watching a 15 minute training video.
Processing in automated in the cloud. We can help setup an account with GEOSLAM for the cloud processing service for the new owner. The new owner is responsible for putting processing credits on the new account. To survey a typical residential home of 200m2 would use 15-20 processing credits. Processing credits cost vary depending upon bulk ordering however maximum cost is $0.60 per credit.
Terrestrial tripod based 3D laser scanners are now obsolete and too slow. Join the revolution and become truely mobile with the ZEB1 3D laser scanner. 
  • ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner
  • Rechargeable battery/harddrive/charger
  • Interface cable
  • Download cable and USB dongle
  • BBackpack

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