Thermo Scientific Miran Sapphire 205B-XL

Thermo Scientific Miran Sapphire 205B-XL
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Sale used Thermo Scientific Miran Sapphire 205B-XL Intrinsically Safe Ambient Air Analyzer

The Miran Sapphire environment portable infrared analyzer is distinguished from other types of gas analyzers with the ability to specifically and accurately measure hundreds of different compounds. These infrared analyzers can function as portable gas Labratories and have many different applications, operating either as a study tool, or monitor specific gas.
ThermoMatch optional software and very powerful, designed for industrial hygienists and emergency response, helps identify unknown compounds. The software includes the signatures of 150 common compounds and is user extensible, allowing operators to include all compounds in the site analysis. The process is simple, the air enters the Miran sapphire and spectral analysis is performed. Then, the data is downloaded to a PC and the software provides analysis ThermoMatch. The advantages of this capability are significant. With a laptop, the analysis of unknown compounds can be done quickly and in the field, and the data is recorded for future study. Laboratory costs are expensive and not necessary. However, as is nondestructive IR spectrophotometry, field tested samples still can be sent to a laboratory.
The use of a single beam of infrared spectrophotometer, the Miran Sapphire has a detection time of 20 seconds for a single wavelength, 50 seconds for five wavelengths, and 165 seconds for a complete spectral scan. The pump is based on samples at 14 LPM, and the instrument will run for about 4 hours out of the built in rechargeable NiCd battery. All Miran Sapphire ThermoConnect analyzers come with software to download and analyze the recorded data. Analysis of unknown compounds is carried out with the optional ThermoMatch software. The Miran Sapphire comes in three different models, and is set to the factory applications.
Designed for users who require a minimum number of requests.
For users who regularly perform similar tasks, the SL contains a library of 50 gases and customizability.
Sapphire XL WATCH
For users who require the ability to measure a wide variety of gases, the XL version contains a library of over 120 customizable individual gases.

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