i-STAT Blood Analyzer

i-STAT Blood Analyzer
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Sale Used i-STAT Blood Analyzer W.Programming Kit,Printer &Manual

Point-of-use blood analyzer for the measurement of blood gases and electrolytes.Utilize 2 to 3 drops of fresh whole blood in a disposable test cartridge that is inserted into the handheld analyzer. The
cartridge self-calibrates miniaturized sensors upon insertion into the analyzer. Results are displayed in less than 2 minutes. Records and automatically stored (up to 50) for printing and/or transmission. A daily quality control of less than 60 seconds is required. Upon completion, all blood and calibrant fluid is contained within the cartridge for safe bio-hazard disposal.

Complete i-stat Blood analyzer system , programming kit ,new battery , One user manual ,  printer with AC power adaptor , Electronic and ceramice stimulator. All in Hard Military case  . and it used only for 106 test.


  • Point-of-use capability.
  • Weight reduction (GEM STAT – 27 lbs, i-STAT – 18 oz).
  • Battery backup (12 VDC).
  • Extensive array of cartridge-based panels.
  • Small sample size (GEM STAT – 0.5 ml, I-STAT – 65 mL).
  • Tests performed: Glu - Glucose
  • Tests performed: pH
  • Tests performed: pCO²
  • Tests performed: Bicarbonate
  • Tests performed: Total carbon dioxide
  • Tests performed: Base excess
  • Tests performed: Sodium
  • Tests performed: Potassium
  • Tests performed: Chloride
  • Tests performed: Urea nitrogen
  • Tests performed: Hematocrit
  • Tests performed: Hemoglobin
  • Tests performed: Anion

Specification :

  • Display : Dot matrix super twists LCD
  • Communication link : Infrared transmitter and receiver
  • Calibration : Factory: electronic, mechanical, thermal, pressure
  • Power  :Two 9V lithium batteries
  • Operating temperature : 16 to 30 °C
  • Operating humidity  : 0 - 90% RH
  • Barometric pressure  : 300 - 1000 mmHg
  • Weight : 520g
  • Dimensions :209h x 64w x 52d mm

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